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Learning Outcomes

The Turf Managers’ Short Course is updated annually to teach turf industry personnel about all aspects of turf culture and management. 

Program Learning Outcomes – Turf Managers’ Short Course

At the end of the Turf Managers’ Short Course, the successful student will be able to:

      1. Identify and understand the physical, chemical and hydrologic characteristics of soils, know how they affect turf health and apply this knowledge to develop sustainable turfgrass management programs for natural and constructed soil turf situations.
      2. Identify cool-season turfgrass species and describe their characteristics as they relate to potential success in different growing environments.
      3. Describe the concept of integrated pest management (IPM) and identify the key fundamentals of an IPM program, such as biology and identification of important turfgrass pests (insects, diseases and weeds) and how turfgrasses interact with the greater landscape.
      4. Illustrate how the integration of management practices, including cultural, physical, biological and chemical can be successfully used to manage pests and other issues on turfgrass stands in a sustainable manner.
      5. ObjectivesUnderstand how to access and interpret turfgrass agronomic information, integrate diverse information from the various sections of the course to design a strategy/plan of action to address real-life turf management issues (as demonstrated by problem-solving a series of case studies).
      6. Analyze all turf management practices (e.g., irrigation, drainage, and use and maintenance of equipment) and inputs (i.e., mowing, fertilization, irrigation and pest management) and choose the most environmentally sustainable practices while maintaining turf quality.
      7. Understand the importance of communication, professionalism and ethics utilized within the turfgrass industry.

The Turf Managers’ Short Course is taught by University of Guelph faculty and industry professionals invited for their in-depth knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

“I have learned more in a month than all the years I’ve worked in lawn care”
– participant

Your Benefits

  • Learn how turfgrass management practices impact turfgrass quality, client satisfaction and the sustainability of facility operations
  • Gain the ability to understand how practices and inputs impact the environment and make sustainable decisions while maintaining turfgrass quality
  • Forming relationships with University of Guelph faculty, researchers and industry professionals
  • Join a community of over 1,000 TMSC and University of Guelph Turfgrass Alumni
  • Achieve your potential as a professional turfgrass manager!